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I Am An Adult: The Game

Release Date:

May 25, 2020

A game of real life choices and consequences (with more than a little bad luck and humor thrown in). This game brings everyone together to revel in just how horrible it is to be an adult. Play with 4-7 of your friends (or people you hate, we won't judge) and do your best to make it through life from your parents' house to the Whispering Oaks Retirement Village. Whoever has the most money/least debt in the end wins. Good luck, you're going to need it.

I Am An Adult The Board Game

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Kickstarter Supporters

-        Uncle Nick and Aunt Dee

-        Sam K.

-        Bryon and Tina Hanson

-        Anne Broyles

-        Kelly Mayhew

-        Amanda Handle

-        Mollie Moessner

-        Jen Cline* and Peter Hussey*

                 (*Not an adult.)

-        Kris Fitz
-        Elipp91
-        Suzie Saledas
-        Best-In-Laws-Ever!
-        tchula&DG
-        Nathan Autry
-        Drew Matney
-        Katie Decker, RN
-        Lynda Badger

-        Ben Massie
-        Aunt Susan
-        Wildhorn the God
-        Rae Klein
-        Nelke Family
-        Pippin McGowan
-        Mike Wall


Meet the Shipheads.

A group of guys not happy about growing up.


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Contact us directly, or if you have an idea for a card/mechanic in the game, put "Submission" in the subject line and tell us all about it! Who knows, you could see your idea in the next expansion pack.*

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