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It was 2017 and we were struggling to get by. Michelle was sick and so we headed to the ER. No insurance - all out of pocket. After 4 hours we were $5K in debt. They recommended she be admitted but we couldn't afford it. So we left.

We had gone to college. We had jobs. I angrily said to Dan, "There should be a game that sucks. That no matter what you do, it just keeps knocking you down." and Dan said, "That could be a game." I Am An Adult: the Board Game was born from that despair and thus Sinking Ship Games came into existence. 

Now 5 years on, we've released two games and we're working on more. We're six friends taking the time to enjoy our creativity in hopes you will too. All thanks to Michelle's immune system. 

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Arranged Oldest to Youngest. Please take special note, Dustin is the oldest.



I am working theatre professional with 20 years of experience. I have also (because theatre doesn't pay well... at all), worked in so many other fields it is actually hard to write a resume. I am St. Louis-based currently, but I proudly call Kansas City my hometown. Staying here was never my plan, but neither was starting games company.



Erin met Brian in life's most generous stage of human existence: puberty. Despite many attempts to get rid of each other, they just kept staying friends. Erin was lucky enough to be chosen to play test Sinking Ship Game's flagship game: I Am An Adult: The Board Game, and she freakin' loved it! She loved it so much she helped sell games for free. After nearly half a year of harassing Brian for the title of VP of Sales, Brian gave in and appointed her.. Unpaid Intern. Erin gladly accepted her position and has worked with Michelle at corralling, exploiting and embarrassing the boys on social media ever since.



I too am a working theatre professional with near 20 years experience. I also have worked a number of other jobs, however, I am fully capable of writing a resume. I have always been St. Louis-based (Ballshow! aka Ballwin, MO) and staying here has always been the plan.



Devin could not be reached for his bio. He is the most illusive member of the team, however, he files our taxes on time. This is why he is an integral part of Sinking Ship Games



I am a working theatre professional with over ten years of experience. I have a very well-rounded resume thanks to both my stage management and sports management degrees. #thanksmisprint. I have lived in 14 different homes throughout my nearly 30 years of existence. I never had any intentions of staying in one place for too long, but then I married Brian and the rest is history.



I am a professional human with 29 years of experience "being". For the vast majority of those years I have been creating games and stories and more to entertain myself (which I have been told is not a good business model). One day I hope to be a professional nerd instead of just playing one in real life. P.S. I'm very impressed you made it this far down the page. That's some real dedication there.

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Thank you to everyone who supported the I Am An Adult Kickstarter in January 2020. We would not be here today without your support.

Uncle Nick & Aunt Dee | Sam K | Bryan & Tina Hansen | Anne Broyles | Kelly Mayhew | Amanda Handle | Mollie Moessner | Jen Cline* & Peter Hussey* (*Not an Adult) | Kris Fitz | Elipp91 | Suzie Saledas | Best-In-Laws-Ever! | tchula&DG | Nathan Autry | Drew Matney | Katie Deck, RN | Lynda Badger | Ben Massie | Aunt Susan | Wildhorn the God | Rae Klein | Nelke Family | Pippin McGowan | Mike Wall

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